Friday, August 29, 2008

Going Camping

Wish me luck! Contrary to popular belief I don't camp. People think because I care about the environment & I'm casual, I camp. But I don't.So, I'm a bit nervous but I will send out a full report when we get back... if we survive!

Picture from flickr here


Esther Noelle said...

Wow you are BRAVE! I hope it goes well and can't wait to hear all about it. THATS what you were talking about with the table and stuff.... we don't have it anymore! Sorry!

I like the little changes you've made to your blog! :)

Ash said...

LOL - good luck! I grew up camping in Monticello every summer and I don't really want to do it now that it's me in charge of all the work! Just sleeping in the tent in our yard with Rae was enough work!

Audra & Levi said...

I have not braved camping yet. All my kids have to be #1 Fluent in English and #2 Old enough to know not to wander off in the woods and get eaten by a bear.

Like Ashley said, Levi grew up camping and is all for it. Me... not so much because I know I will be the one in charge of getting the supplies together, managing the meals... and it is hard to rationalize camping as being better than just going to the mountians and crashing at my moms guest house thingy that has 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, toilets, and hot water. Then you can "hike" through the woods to a lake, and still roast marshmellows at night... just no pitching a tent and dutch over meals. But like I said... I am not against it. It just aint for me right now.

i'm kelly said...

good luck! hope you have fun & remember to make smores.

Malea said...

I love you WAY more than Zombies love brains. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Now it's my turn! Now that I'm back, we need to hang out. That is, after your adventure. Let me know if you need calomine lotion. After going to a tropical island, I'm definitely smearing that stuff on thick!

Christie said...

Camping is awesome. I'd go in a heartbeat if there was anything other than desert close enough. And if I hadn't lost most of my supplies in the housefire.
I got over the "work" of camping when I camped my way across the country doing family history research. When you take down and set up every other day or so you get a good system down. Of course it will be different with kids!