Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Someone asked about what exactly a Holga camera is. It's basically a inexpensive, medium format, 120 film, toy camera.

Since it's plastic & cheap-y the pictures come out with double exposures (bottom pic), distortion, light leaks (the hose pic), lens flare (top pic), & all sorts of other fun "mistakes".

It's definitely a more "artistic" photography form- the limits & quality issues are what make it fun.

I personally shoot in the square format because I dig the way it looks, but you do get less shots on a roll. If you have any other questions email me.

P.S. Thanks dad for introducing me to the wonderful world that is Holga.


Kristal said...

I love your Holga! I totally want one!

Danielle said...

I totally want one too! i'm stuck with my lovely camera phone that does absolutely nothing compared to this. granted i don't have lots to take pictures of but how much fun does this all look!!

Esther Noelle said...

Love your pictures! They do turn out really neat!

Jessica said...

I've been wanting to get a Holga for awhile now. How do you develop the pics? Where do you find your film?

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