Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Play Area

While I do think that kids need their own time up in their rooms to play, I also like to have them downstairs close to me too. So, we set up a lil' bookcase hidden by the front door filled with their favorite toys. Small baskets hold a collection of animals & cars. Then we have books, puzzles, & a few of the "prettier" wooden toys too.

It means they can play on their own, but close to me. It does make a HUGE mess by the front door but it's worth it (& easy to clean up when you chuck it all in baskets).


brooke said...

we have a playroom right as you walk into the house. They don't even use it. they feel its punishment to make them play. my kids prefer the computer.
i think i need to prohibit technology so they'll learn to play creatively. oh well.

Ashley said...

Very nice. In our old apartment most of the toys were in the living room because there wasn't much space in their bedroom, so they were always playing in the LR. Now we have a nice spacious playroom that I keep organized and clean but they'd rather bring everything out into the living room. They are used to being around me and like to include me in every game. Luckily Rae is old enough that I can get her to put everything back into the playroom at the end of the day. And maybe someday they'll play together a little better and have some fun playtime in the PLAYROOM!

Russ said...

YEA, my wood semi-truck/car hauler is on the "favorite toys" book rack!!

Syd looks like she is screaming her lungs out in the picture on the left. She is such a Carter, LOL.

Love you guys!!!

Esther Noelle said...

Very nice display! I like it!

ofifteen said...

that's a great idea and they are adorable!