Friday, September 26, 2008

Olivia the pig fabric!

I love Olivia the pig. Obviously since we share the same name, interests, favorite colors, etc. So when I was browsing Repro Depot & saw Olivia the pig fabric I was in heaven. I mean, I've got about a million different thing I'd totally dig being made from the OLIVIA name fabric. Gosh, this just made my day!


brooke said...

I love OLIVIA. The name was actually my first pick for Rory, but she has a cousin with that name and they weren't having it. *even though they've never met*
But the Pig Olivia is just awesome. That was Rory's first book, a board book called "Olivia Counts" -- it came from Alicia when Lindsay threw me a baby shower.
Fun Olivia memories!!

Esther Noelle said...

Very cool! What are we going to CREATE next?! Elder Uchtdorf hit the nail on the head with that one, huh?

Cindy said...

That fabric is really cute and I love that web-site! Very cute fabric... it makes me want to make something!