Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sinking (or should I say STINKING) economy....

The other day Esther & I decided to go to Max & Cheese (remember I reviewed it a while back). Man, that place is the BEST- it had everything a "need-a-break" mom needs. Alas, when we got there a sign was up explaining that due to the economy it was shutting down.

Then I checked my email today & found that the US Fooey website is closing because of the economy too! NO!!! They are the CUTEST kid shirts. Rob has a couple & they are my favorites!

Boo to the economy shutting down some of my favorite places!


Katie said...

Don't you hate that? It is hard enough to start a new business to begin with, I am sure the economy just makes it almost impossible right now. I am already in the down-in-economy-dumps but things like this are just reminders of how many people are affected.

Cindy said...

I KNOW! I am SO disappointed! I LOVED those cute little shirts... they fit so well! :(