Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Years Eve

I really like New Years! Its one of my top favorite holidays: 1) Halloween 2) 4th of July & 3) New Years Eve/Day.

The fireworks, the countdown, the midnight kiss, & the New Years Resolutions (ie:things you want to do this year).

I'm still working on my list but I need some ideas. What are your New Years Resolutions for 2009?


Dawn said...

I do not like New Year's Eve, but I do like the new page on the calendar year! My resolution this year is vaguely to be kinder, but I am going to take a tiny baby step in this direction by the very measurable goal of writing at least one thank-you note a week for the entire year. Many people do nice things for me, say encouraging words when I need it most, and share generously of their time and gifts with me. So 2009 is the year that I'm going to make sure that I thank at least 52 of them.

Anonymous said...

stumbled upon your blog found in quite interesting; please stop by when you have some time! all comments are always welcome! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
stay true to what you do~

Jessica said...

I just posted my list of resolutions! Good luck with yours. Happy New Year!