Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Regardless of if your guy won or lost you have to admit that this is an important and momentous time in our nations history.

We've got a new family in the White House & I hope we can all cross party lines in a hope for the best and in prayer for him & his family.


Christie said...

I like this prayer I found on the internet ;)

"May Barrack Obama and Joe Biden live happily and healthily for the next four years....May Nancy Pelosi never ever, ever, EVERRR become president of the US. (Did I mention ever?)"

Katie said...

Amen to you Olivia.

Dad said...

It's a very old picture of them, however. Just wanted to point that out. They are a cute family. I hope they are happy and safe for EIGHT years. Then it's Hillary's turn. ;-)

M said...

YES! Amen to that! I love the Obamas and am so excited they are in the White House now.