Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Postmaster General (a very cool title)

Has anyone else heard about this? The Postmaster General asked lawmakers to lift the requirement that the agency deliver mail six days a week.

We might only get mail 5 days a week. How weird is that? I don't need mail everyday or anything but it just seems like a given, huh?

Recession, recession... my friends. And here's what the dude with the rad title looks like:


Christie said...

Well, we only get mail at the post office here, and the post office is closed on Saturdays...we can get to our PO Box, but if we have a package slip or need to send a package or buy stamps or something we're out of luck. So it wouldn't be too big of a change out here.

émilie b said...

It's only open on weekdays here, already. Stamps are sold everywhere, that's no problem. It's just annoying if we get a package and can't claim it because of our weekdays work schedule. Oh, and when new HP books came out and we couldn't get weekend delivery.

M said...

Yes, I have heard about that. It's one of the ways the postal service is trying to save money. Did you know in some countries (like Beligium--or used to be), mail is delivered twice a day? TWICE A DAY! And we are thinking of cutting back to 5 days a week. Why do people grumble when the price of stamps goes up again??

Robert said...

What will I do on the days I don't get junk mail...boohoo

Esther Noelle said...

I would be fine with mail only 5 days a week. That's my opinion.