Saturday, March 21, 2009

Twilight DVD release party

Twilight came out on DVD today & Heather, Lay, & I heard that one of the cast members was coming to a Wal-Mart in Riverton last night, so we thought "what the heck, let's go!" So, we popped in the Twilight soundtrack & drove up there. It was a MAD house!

The cast member that ended up coming was Rachelle Lefevre. One of the "bad guy" vampires. We were far back at first but the crowd thinned a little & we were able to really see her- it was A LOT of fun. I live for stuff like this!

I didn't end up getting mine at WalMart- I got up this morning & went to Target. That's where I'd recommend getting it if you want a free download of the movie for your ipod- kind of cool.

Here's a little new's fotage of the madness.


Smithy said...

that was a lot of fun - glad we went! i wish i had known there was going to be free food, otherwise i wouldn't have eaten so much before!

Debbie said...

Fun stuff! So did you just go to party then and not to come home with the movie? You're cute.

My friends were there too! My friend Luisa got a hug from Rachelle (I heard the only one of the night).

I think it's funny they have so many versions of the movie. It seems like each store (B&N, Walmart, Target, Best Buy) all have different extras on theres.

Esther Noelle said...

OH that looks like fun! I loved that character too... how it ended the movie with her... wish i could've been with you guys!

Audra said...

I keep telling Levi he needs to buy it for me, but I may buy it at Target tomorrow!

Cool to see a cast member!

I saw where "Alice" Rachel Green was going into a Hot Topic for a release.

Skinny jeans with the knees ripped out... odd choice!

SO said...

That is madness! But I can see where the fun would come in. Glad you got your copy.