Sunday, March 29, 2009

Twilight Movie Watching Party

I invited the girls over to watch the Twilight DVD with the commentary.

I gotta say I've never watched a movie with commentary & it's kind of distracting, but interesting. It doesn't help when the people making the commentary are kind of weird (the director & two main actors). It was bizzaro, but fun.
I printed out a couple labels for our drinks, made some brownies, & threw on a red table cloth- it felt like a real party. Hurray for ladies nights!


monica said...

oh my gosh! so cute!! i love what you did to the jones!

::ac:: said...

lol, robert is the ditziest british actor i've ever heard talk before. and kristen said like two things!! but wow, i'm sure i would have enjoyed it better with some blood sodas...those are great.

kaitlin said...

bah yeah what a cute idea with the sodas!

Smithy said...

too cute liv, wish i could've been there!

Audra said...

If I lived near you could I go to your parties because they look so cool? Levi and I have had the H-E-Double Hocket Sticks kind of week and it all resolved today... and I bougth Twilight and did not watch it at home yet, so tonight it is me, twilight, a blanket, and the couch! I wont let Levi watch it with me until he reads the book!

I always listen to movies with commentary when I am doing laundry and can not actually watch it. It is something nice to listen to and I know the movie well enough to know what they are talking about. I did that with Pride and Prejudice.

Cindy said...

I'm so jealous! I wish I could have been there! You ladies are SO much fun!!