Monday, April 13, 2009


Saturday we had a little Easter egg hunt in Matt & Kristals backyard. The kids had a blast. Syd found the most eggs but it was only because Rob was only interested in eating the candy out as he found the eggs.

On Easter Sunday we went to church with Matt & Kristal. Their building is right next to the Rexburg temple. We were able to take a few pictures & remember what Easter is all about.


brooke said...

you guys are so cute.
spencer was really excited about eating the candy too!
The temple looks beautiful. you can tell its new because the trees around it are tiny... nothing like D.C.

Esther Noelle said...

Great family pic of you guys with the temple!!! :)

dad said...

Fun pictures, especially at the temple. The most shocking was Scott in a long-sleeved striped shirt with a striped tie. Looks great!

Audra said...

Speaking of Easter... A member of the bishopric was in primary and asked what Easter was about. Nolan raises his hand and announces, "THE EASTER BUNNY!" Ruby raises her hand and he calls on her and she said, "LOTS OF CANDY"! I was in there subbing music. I was embarrassed... but at the same time I had to keep Easter simple because it was the first Easter for 3 of our kids. The good thing is kids who make comments like that might make bishopric think, "Yeah... the library is a good calling for her... lets keep her out of teaching primary!" But still... I need to do better next year!!!