Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy 5 Years!

Dear Handsome Husband,

I know you get embarrassed when I gush so I'll keep it
short, sweet, & to the point.

It's been the BEST 5 years of my life &
I can't wait for 500 more!

We took this pic so you'd know that we can't wait for you to come home & we'll drown you with kisses!

Love always,
Your {Butte-chi-la} --> my nickname spelled phonetically


::ac:: said...

marriage is the best. congrats!

Debbie said...

Happy 5 yr anniversary!

SO said...

Happy 5 years!!! I love that picture.

benandcorinne said...

You are so cute. Happy 5 years and hope for that 500 more!

Liv said...

how lovely! congrats on the anniversary. that photo of you and your wee ones is just so beyond precious!

thanks for stopping by my little spot on the internet!