Thursday, April 16, 2009


I love X-Files. I remember watching it religiously when it was on TV. It freaked me out & anyone who knows me knows I LOVE TO BE SCARED.

An episode of X-Files is actually where my fear of hillbilly cannibals came from (you all think I'm joking about this fear but I'm serious!)

I just saw a coupon in our CostCo mailer for "buy one, get one free" for X-Files seasons. That makes each season roughly $12.50- Great deal!

Any X-Files other fans out there?


SO said...

I stopped watching X-files after the slug man in the sewer and outhouse episode. I now have a fear of using those outhouses when camping.

That and the music freaked my son out. If he even saw a commercial or heard the music he would have a bad night that night. Not good.

I did enjoy it though.

M said...

Oh MAN, I LOVE THAT SHOW!! I actually saw my first X-Files episodes with you and your mom when you came to visit me in France and it was on (dubbed in French, of course). Before that, I'd always stayed away from it b/c I thought it was too scary. (And some of them were pretty scary--like that one about the millenium zombies.)

That buy one get one free deal sounds amazing. I have two seasons on DVD and used to have at least three others on VHS, which I sold at a yard sale a couple of years ago.

(Sadly, the newest movie SUCKED--don't waste your $$ or time on that!)

Scully used to be my professional role-model. And that Mulder, what a cutie! *SUCH* a good show!

(Can you tell I could talk about this for hours?)

stephanie said...

NO WAY! Absolutely not.

My sister, Natalie, loved the show and I would make sure I stayed far from overhearing anything whenever she'd watched it. I hate being scared and aliens are the spookiest of them all!

stephanie said...

Oh, I did have the poster, though. The "I want to believe" one.

Aunt Susie said...

Love X-Files and Stargate SG1. Thanks for pointing that out in the Costco mailer. I missed that one. Kenny likes to download the seasons of old and current shows through "" The cost is about $40 for six months.

Debbie said...

I never watched it religiously but I did enjoy it quite a bit! It had good suspense, minimal garbage and fun story ideas.

Neil said...

Haha.. Love it! Pari and I got all the seasons on Netflix and finally finished them a couple months ago.