Saturday, June 20, 2009

Birthday List

Woot- birthday list back by popular demand...
1) A new bag- now that I have less diapers & bottles to carry around I need a smaller bag
2) I am in desperate need of new running shoes (size 10)
3) Not a need but I'd love some pretty art- like these LDS etsy prints or this and this
4) We need some bedding, ours is TRASHED- this comforter set and some pretty gray sheets & pillowcases
5) Can't go wrong with my new favorite t-shirt (M in white, blue slate, orchid bloom)
6) I need to get my hair done SO BAD, so a gift certificate to our lil' Paul Mitchelle: the school hair school here in Provo (I dig them b/c they are cheap around $60 to cut & dye, plus they do some pretty cool stuff)
7) I love these pink converse and these gittery Tom shoes (I ditched ALL my old shoes that I never wear, now I feel naked)
8) Dire need of some Sunday church skirts- I like this look and this one (in L- big booty, big booty)

Am I the only one who LOVES reading other peoples wish lists?


Mandi said...

I love reading wish lists. I think it's like taking a peek into their hopes and dreams or something.

Jessica said...

I love reading people's wish lists or favorite lists. You can find fabulous new things you didn't know about to lust after yourself, ha.

kaitlin said...

yeah i love wishlists.
especially yours because they are so FULL of great things.

Esther Noelle said...

9) SLR camera! ;)

Hmm, I wonder what I'll get you this year.... wish I could get you a camera! Your birthday is ALMOST here! It's coming SO SOON!!! Hurray!

Cindy said...

What day is your birthday again? (I'm sorry I'm such an awful friend with a horrible memory and not very good at being organized).