Thursday, June 25, 2009

Holga pics from Tahoe

I just got some Holga pictures developed and thought I'd share some from the race. It was dark & rainy most of the time up there so the pictures are a little dim.

Dad Carter rockin' at the keyboard & the Tahoe Relay start/finish line

A little Casino love & a little Berto love

Berto playing in the rain & the beautiful trees up there


Matt said...

great pics! i love the one of the tree! that is sweet! - KC (not matt, i just don't feel like logging out)

M said...

I love seeing your Holga pics. The photo of the tree is very cool. Like the one of Rob in the puddle as well--so candid.

Esther Noelle said...

Love all these! They really turned out great!

monica said...

love! gosh, i have taken about 2 photos on my holga. what is my problem?

oh ya but the back of my holga came off so im not entirely sure if i can keep going or if i have to replace the whole really that is my problem.(the back is back on now)

::anelieze castrejon:: said...

Awesome! I've wanted to get a holga ever since I saw your pictures.

April Carter said...

Hope the camera is Ok after the water problem?