Wednesday, June 24, 2009

REVIEW: Stone Age & Mystery at the Abbey

Scott's brother& his wife are the COOLEST game players ever. They are constantly getting new fun games. Here are my new two favorites...


SUCH a fun game. It's a longer gathering and building up sort of game (like Catan) but while you are competing against each other you aren't exactly 'hurting' one another. So it's good for people that hate that sort of thing. A strategy game, but easy to learn.


This game is a cooler version of Clue (which I love). It's based on the same sort of premise: Using the process of elimination, find the killer. The suspects fall into a number of categories (fat, thin, bearded, clean shaven) and figure out who did it before everyone else. It might be my new favorite!

Does anyone else play board games they way the Carter's do?


Jessica said...

Olivia- saw these and thought you'd like them :)

My Life's Scraps said...

We LOVE games and are constantly getting new ones- that game store in Orem mall is one we visit all too often. If you're looking for more fun games... get Bohnanza, Ticket to Ride, and Guillatine (sp). All are way fun! and we're always looking for more couples to play with too- so let me know! lol

Skylar said...

You must try Thurn and Taxis. A great game where you have to create postal routes in 16th (maybe 17th?) century Germany. So much fun. I love me those German games!