Monday, September 14, 2009

32 oz of Tart, Fizzy, Pink Goodness!


-----> I mentioned my love of Crest drinks. Drive through, 99 cent refill, and I'm off.

----->I also love grapefruit flavored soda, like Fresca. but I mostly like the cheap store brand "Grapefruit Soda".


So, I was telling a friend about this & someone over hearing said, "The crest over on Center Street has this great Sobe brand soda that's grapefruit flavor."

So, next time I down that way I take my 32 oz huge soda cup & asked for their Sobe Soda. I get it, taste it, love it.

The next day I go back, get it again. Man, I'm feeling GO-OOOOO-OD!

Finally I ask what the drink is called, "Sobe No Fear". Oh, it's yum & has a cool name.

After about a week of drinking 32 oz of this stuff Scott & I are at the gas station and I decided to see if they have this stuff bottled. Can't find it anywhere, ask at the front, & am pointed to a case.

The energy drink section? I look & there it is.... my SOBE NO FEAR soda isn't actually soda, it's an energy drink!

No wonder I was feeling so good. I had been drinking 32 oz of pure energy drink nearly everyday for a week.

I'm sure I killed hundreds of brain cells & took at least a year off my life, but I still think, "Wow, that was some yummy soda".


Smithy said...

too funny... was it actually fizzy like a soda? I've never tried an energy drink, but I feel like they have a very different consistency

Olivia Carter said...

No man, totally fizzy like soday. Normal fizzy too. maybe a bit more syrupy, but it was from the tap & sometimes they can be more sweet tasting, you know? I seriously didn't think twice about it.

Katie said...

Ahhh, that is too funny. But now I seriously want some.

stephanie said...

Very funny - but don't they have a label on the tap. That crazy "NO FEAR" with energy-drink font (that's the name of the font) would have been a give away...?

Olivia Carter said...

Oh no, the second I saw the can I knew... crap that's an energy drink. But I went through the drive-thru so I didn't even see the tap!

Lindsay Jane said...

That's really funny...glad you figured it out!

James said...

I can only imagine what the people were thinking when they kept filling up your cup. That stuff usually comes in little cans.

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Haha. I've never tried to drive thru at the gas stations because I'm too nervous to do it the first time. Ha.

32 oz of energy goodness? Wowzas. Did you feel the effects of it later, like with headaches or anything? I've never done the pure energy drinks, only the sport ones like Powerade.

monica said...

hah, once i bought a drink for its cool glass bottle then after i drank it i realized it was a high energy drink. oops.

Esther Noelle said...

At least it wasn't alcoholic! ;) ha ha! And you know I love that drive thru Crest!!!!!!!!!!!