Monday, November 9, 2009

Portraits of 3 of the Carters on a Monday afternoon

Yup, I'm sick, Syd's grumpy, & Rob... well, he's my consistently content fellow.


Smithy said...

love it - especially berto the pirate. hope he doesn't run into anything with the lost depth perception

also makes me want to watch the david bowie flight of the conchords episode!

Esther Noelle said...

Um where did you go today??? You were supposed to be at home trying to get better!!!!!!

Kristal said...

Ahh, Liv! that stinks! Hope you get feeling better soon!

Katie said...

Hope you get better, but I love the pictures.

April Carter said...

I love the Pirate patch on Rob. Poor Mom and Syd

Olivia Carter said...

Smithy- HA! That episdoe is the BOMB!

Es- I know, but I was hungry & didn't want to cook. But don't worry I didn't even get out of the car (drive-thru's are mommies best friends)

Kristal- Thanks miss!

Katie- I do have cute children don't I?

April- I know, Syd soaks up emotions like a lil' sponge so when I'm feeling off, she does too.