Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A reminder of happy things when I'm feeling sick...

Fall. Have I mentioned how much I love fall? It's lovely. And wanting a keffiyeh & finding one for $2.
And thrift stores. I love them too. Last trip I brought home a rosy lipped gnome & a pair of cute Keds.

And I also love fish eye lens. Scott found one of his in an old box. It's doesn't fit my camera but that doesn't stop me from holding it up to the camera & experimenting.

What makes you happy?


kaitlin said...

i love your shoes!

Katie said...

You are totally pulling off that keffiyah.

Cindy said...

Wow, cute things from the Thrift store! Gotta love it. And those are cool pics!

Kristal said...

eww, I want a fish eye lens! Cool pictures, I really like how it blacks out the edges like that!

Olivia Carter said...

Kaitlin- I know they are cute huh? And new or hardly worn. SO HAPPY!

Katie- Thanks for saying that. I wanted one forever & then just broke down. It's cold. I need a scarf. It might as well be one I want. Even if I totally look "2007-2008". HA!

Cindy- I do like Thrift Shopping. It's WAY harder with kids but when I can go alone it's so fun.

Kristal- I know, I wish I had one that fit the camera but I'm just as happy with holding it up. Scott things I'm crazy though & I probably look like it when I'm out shooting.

April Carter said...

You are cleaver and it is fun to see what you come up with.

monica said...

ummm cute!
cute you
cute gnome
cute shoes
cute camera(hah more like cool but i had to keep with the pattern)

Susan said...

Here is a link to a few of my favorite things that I gave a shout out to the other day.


and another one here: