Monday, December 14, 2009

LBG gift exchange & the Tanana Family 2013

I like to give people what they ask for when it comes to Christmas. That being said I really do like to give people something homemade too. A LOT of the times something funny, because my "homemade skills" are limited.

I had Smithy's name for the LBG gift exchange...

And while I tried to get her things off her list that she'd love, it wasn't complete until I also made her this...

No seriously you guys. I laughed out loud while I was making it (okay it was also 1 am)

It's supposed to be 2 kids (one that looks like Mike, one that looks like Smithy, & then one little scary hybrid). Come on that's hilarious- the perky Mike son & the rather morose Smithy daughter. Then a freaky mix of the two of them in the middle.

Here are the pics that I took & combined together to make the base of the picture:

The freaky Mike/Smithy babies from these pics:

And the scary hybrid baby (in the middle) from pieces of these pics:

I know guys, made Photoshop skillz. You're jealous now. It's all good, you can put in holiday orders now! HA!


M said...

Oh my goodness I can't stop laughing! That is HILARIOUS!!

PS Your "homemade skills" are so NOT limited! You're one of the most creative peeps I know when it comes to making your own... everything crafty.

Esther Noelle said...

Ha ha ha ha ha.... that was so funny!