Friday, December 11, 2009

The incident....

So, I've been insanely busy & stressed the past few days. Christmas, moving, Scott's busy at work, helping my mom... it's all just madness.

In an attempt to get something done without sitting the kids in front of the TV all day I went & bought 2 new coloring books & a HUGE set of crayons (the real kind). It started off okay & I started to do some packing in one of our closets.

After a couple minutes I stick my head out.:
ME: "Syd, where's Berto?"
SYD: "Upstairs."
ME: "Hey Berto, come downstairs. What are you doing up there?"
ME: "Berto! Come on! Downstairs!"
ME: *trudging up the stairs* "Berto, where are you?"

I'm starting to freak, but I remain cool, calm, & collected...
ME: *running aimlessly from room to room* "Berto! Where are you?!?! Did you swollow Draino? Get abducted by aliens?"

I hear a little giggle from the pile of blankets on my bed (making my bed is SO FAR off my radar right now. I hope my Nana doesn't read this- she'd be very upset).

I pull back the covers & see this...

For a split second I think it's blood because that would be just my luck. But it's not blood.
ME: "Robert Carter. What is that?"

ME: "Robert. You are in big trouble."
(serious face as he pulls out a tube of MAC red lipstick)
ROB: "Mommy's pretties."

Grrrrr... this is seriously the last thing I needed today. The last. So, a stern scolding, a time out, & a bath. I kind of wish he didn't look so darn pleased.


Brodi Ashton said...

ohmigosh- that is so stinkin' cute!

Kristal said...

When you mentioned real crayons at the beginning... I was really scared that you were going to find a crayon mural upstairs.


How can you be mad at that face?!

April Carter said...

Yep, they can kill you with cuteness. That is why parents don't kill their children.

Esther Noelle said...

Oh man. Bless your heart!

Cindy said...

Silence is music to the ears when you're a parent.... it's also the moment fear and panic set in knowing they MUST be into something....

Three Kids and a Mommy said...

It would have been nice if he'd at least have picked a cheap lipstick instead of the MAC stuff. But kids are easier to clean up than walls, so it's good he didn't put it there instead.

Audra said...

All I am going to say is "I have been there" and it never happens on a good day! I have had it done in various forms in pen, paint, permanent marker, lipsticks, fingernail polish, melted crayon (don't ask), fabric softener, glue... etc. etc.