Thursday, January 14, 2010

5 things that make me happy today...

1) HOODIES (yes this is me 1st this morn- no makeup, no shower. Just keepin' it real)

2) ASH KOLEY "Don't Let Your Feet Touch Ground" (Having a bad day? Listen to this lil' ditty)

3) Sydney posing like a painting of snooty Renaissance royalty (technically this painting isn't Renaissance but you get the idea, right?

4) Closet full of colorful cardigans (nothing brightens a gloomy day like one of my bright sweaters. The comic found here)

5) All the support of Conan O'Brien (I think he is hilarious & love his show. And, yes, I want a shirt that says, "I'm with Coco")

P.S. What's making you happy today?


Jessica said...

Preach it! You know I'm down with Coco and cardigans!

Cindy said...

I love hoodies... I need more cardigans... and I love Conan. That adorable pic of Syd is pretty cute too!

Merf said...

chicken stew in my crockpot waiting for me!

Katie said...

Love Syd posing.

M said...

The brightest spot in my day by far was heading to my sister's after work and being greeted at the door by my 3-yr-old nephew running at me with his arms outstretched and a big grin for a hug. He was followed by his little sister, who also came running with a delighted smile, and his 4-yr-old brother, who ran, grinning and shouting my name, and practically tackled me with his hug. I don't know about you, but I don't often get that kind of fantastic reception. It was awesome.

EriKa said...

So I love the Syd/snooty lady recapture. It was perfection!!!

I also love the conan! You making shirts? Wouldn't that be a hilarious maternity one?

and that song is fun...where did you hear it? You know who you should totally look up...pomplamoose. I love them!! I'll post something in my blog about go look in a minute.

And you have good ikea taste. I actually have the hemnes dresser in black in my bedroom. I love it. Ok. that's all. signing out.

Olivia Carter said...

Jessica- YES! GO COCO!

Cindy- You were always one I was jealous of. You wore hoodies & didn't look dirtball. Scott & I both tend to look a bit too relaxed in our hoodies. You always look adorable!

Aunt Merf- Recipe please!

Katie- Oh yes, Syd is all about the posing. Sometimes she'll be like, "Hey, mom. Look I'm beautiful. Take a picture of me!"

M- Oh man, kids can make your day the way NOTHING can. I love coming home to babies happy to see me (Scott gets that every day. That lucky guy).

Erika- Oh man, Syd is all about faces & she has the snooty one down pat. The song I heard a long time ago & bought on itunes. SO GOOD & thanks for the heads up on pomplamoose!

monica said...

i had the same video on my blog once. i like that singer. she has fun songs...i like this one of hers too

anelieze said...

1: frozen mango for breakfast
2: toy story mania for the wii waiting for my at home
3: it's friday!
4: last day of full-time work before school next week for my hubs franco~ that means he'll have more time at home to do our laundry! :}
5: blogs like yours make me happy!


Susan said...

Yes, Pomplamoose is fun.

April Carter said...

Yep..I am with Coco too. Saw him and Jay in person at their shows...Jay and Band were BORING!..but Conan and Band were FANTASTIC! WE had a blast.

Olivia Carter said...

Monica- Yes! Such a good song & thanks for the heads up to the other one!

Anelieze- OOOO! That's a great list! And I love your blog too.

Susan- Yes, so funny!

April- Conan just has such a great energy about him. I love it. Hope it works out for him!