Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Craigslist Chair

I love Craigslist.

I have been coveting a this chair from Ikea for a while now.

There's just something about the simple lines of it, how low it is, the wood, the fact that it rocks but just barely. I love it. But it's $150 & we really needed a couch first.

Then along comes the listing for "this supposed rocking chair that doesn't rock but is brand new & you have to take the coffee table. Both for $30" I look at the picture & there it is.

My Non-Rocking Rocking Chair.

Which is now happily living in my living room. Thank you Craigslist.

Has anyone else found bargains through Craigslist?

P.S. I might just buy that orange cover for it too- it's only $20 & might provide a little snazziness sometime


Ashley said...

That is so rad! I love that chair! That is funny that they didn't like it because it didn't rock enough. haha. Craigslist isn't very popular here, but I made some good money back in Cali selling stuff on it and got rid of junk too. I also picked a few gems.

Linda, Mom and Granny said...

Bob got his boat from Craiglist!

brooke said...

only one craigslist experience for me... listed a futon we got for free and sold it for $80 cash within 5 days.

Rachel@MyPinkFlipFlops said...

LOVE Craigslist. I have a self-proclaimed craigslist sense. Sooo much good stuff!
I found changing table, glider and ottoman, king headboard, 2 desks (one a roll top) and Mr. Black Sneakers just found a grill this weekend.

I have to say thought when I lived in Utah I liked KSL classifieds better. I found my dining room table and chairs and 3 bookcases.

Amber said...

that will go great with your grey walls! I love Craigs list too! I got a brand new Radio Flyer rocking horse for Brody for christmas for $60... not bad considering it was originally $180.

lindsey said...

I got a large 2 story climber with a slide for lily for 20 bucks, original price was over 600... i also got an arm's reach co sleeper originally 150 for 25. we got 2 sold wood desks for free. Oh yeah I also got my Sugar gliders on there and then sold them again on there a year later :)

Tara said...

That is seriously awesome. I'm jealous, especially since I have never purchased anything from Craigslist.

Katie said...

That is GREAT!

"Santa" got the boys a serious Geotrax deal off craigslist :o)

Merf said...

all sorts of 'grandma's house's baby paraphernalia
strollers---single & double
car chairs
rocking chair
soloflex machine for ace for christmas
i stalk craigslist for puppies---but have yet to get one.

Three Kids and a Mommy said...

Where do I begin? We got our boys' bunkbeds there, several desks (a few of which we also later sold on Craigslist), my changing table, and way more. And I've done my share of selling. What a fantastic website.

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Love it when you can find a good deal. It's so up and down though for finding the time to sort through it all to get the deals.

Dawn said...

Erin found her fabulous apartment on Craig's list

Olivia Carter said...

Ash- That's too bad it isn't popular there. I love it. And I love that the chair only rocks a little.

Aunt Linda- A boat! That's awesome! I need to come for a ride!


Rachel- I'll need to use your magical abilities to help me find some good stuff! And, yes, I love KSL too. I use it a lot too

Amber- Glad you aprove of the walls & that's a GREAT DEAL!

Lindsey- Oh my goodness! You've got like AMAZING deals.

Tara- you gotta try it sometime. They've got treasures that's for sure.

Katie- Yeah, Santa TOTALLY uses Craigslist. HAHA!

Aunt Merf- Yes, there's a treasure trove of baby stuff on there.

3 Kids- I know... pure brilliance!

Debbie- It is up & down. You just have to keep your eye out almost everyday.

Dawn- Yes, you can find anything. I fully intend of getting rid of all these moving boxes on there too.

April Carter said...

You always find good deals and then make them your own...it is so fun isn't it.

Audra said...


That is all I have to say about that :)

Olivia Carter said...

April- I try to find good deals. Scott thinks I'm crazy, "On sale still means spending $". Which is painfully true :)

Audra- Yes! Two of my favs too!