Monday, January 11, 2010

WINNER of The Dark Divine

Alrighty ladies & gents! We have a winner of the signed copy of The Dark Divine:

Yes, that's right, one of the few boys who frequents my blog. My cousin-in-law who I believe is winning it for his wife, my sweet cousin Kristie!

Congrats James! Email me with your address info & I'll mail the book off!

P.S. If you want another chance to win check out my friend (who I went to the signing with) Debbie is having a blog giveaway of TDD.


Three Kids and a Mommy said...

I love Syd's expression in that photo.

Smithy said...

Syd is clearly upset that you didn't pull my name. perhaps you should re-draw.

Katie said...


Katie said...

And way to go James!

Anonymous said...

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Scott said...

3 Kids- I know... my Syd-o is known for her expressions.

Smithy- Sorry lady! You can meet me in West Jordan on Saturday & go to hear her speak & sign books. Or you can borrow mine!

Katie- I know! Very cool!

Anonymous- Thanks Matt & Kristal!

Susan said...

I am very sad that my name was not drawn. VERY SAD INDEED.

So, our visit today must be stellar to make up for it. I'm sure it will be! :)

Olivia Carter said...


Susan- Yes, we'll have a blast & you can always do with me to the signing on the 16th or borrow it sometime too!

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Congrats to your winner! Woot woot for sharing the awesome book love!

Olivia Carter said...

Debbie- Heck yes! And I'm excited for the book signing on the 16th too!