Monday, January 11, 2010

Syd's First Day of Primary

Today at church, I cried.

Sydney had her first day at primary (basically a Sunday school for kids 3-11). I brought her to the Primary Room & asked her if she wanted me to stay to sit by her since her teachers weren't there yet.

"No mommy. Go."
she whispered.

So, I gave her a kiss & waved goodbye.

After I walked out I decided to peak at her through the window, just to check. She was smiling, looking around at everyone. Then she smoothed out her dress, placed her hands in her lap & sat reverently. That's when I started to cry.

That was my sweet baby girl.

Growing up.


Katie said...

Oh, I know just how you feel! And it is always so strange to me when they start having a life completely separate than mine - something like Primary where they are learning things, and participating in things, and I have NO part in it. I always wish I could spy for a couple of hours, just out of curiosity.

What a beautiful little girl.

lindsey said...

how cute :) we had a few little girls crying in primary yesterday, glad yours did sell well.. i was actually thinking the same thing as Katie yesterday. Nursery is the only time I don't know exactly what Lily is doing every minute.

Kylie said...

So cute! I can't relate yet, but I am sure its hard. :)

Amber Lynae said...

I just had my little girl start primary yesterday too. I play piano in primary so I see her during sharing time and singing time. She had a hard time not getting to go to nursery, but she still seemed to like it.

Last year for the primary program they had the nursery kids that would be joining primary this year sing the first verse of Jesus once was a little child. When I heard her singing that I had a moment of tears. She is growing up and just so sweet.

Krysynt and Junior said...

Thats just too adorable! And I love her headband. She looks just like her mommy :)

Amber said...

That just made me tear up a little while reading it. Such a sweet little girl!

Danielle said...

That is so so cute!!

Cindy said...

How sweet! What a cute little girl! What a brave little girl too!

Olivia Carter said...

Katie- AH! Yes, Katie you just articulated it so well. I keep thinking, "if this was hard to relinquish control of, how will I handle sending her off to school?"

Lindsey- She did do pretty well. I guess one of the boys in her class started to cry & that made her upset (she's so sensitive) but it was all good.

Kylie- I totally didn't know what it would be like. I figured I'd be like, "oh yes, go. Let me get a break". It's WAY harder than that.

Amber Lynae- So glad there's another mommy in the same boat as I am, so you can relate to how I feel. It's wild watching them grow up so fast.

Krysynt- Yeah, it's my headband! We kind of share our hair accessories. :)

Amber- I totally cried all over again just writing it! She is a sweet lil' one.

Danielle- You say that until you see me cry. I'm the epitome of an ugly crier. I'm sure everyone at church was like, "What's with the new girl?"

Cindy- She is a pretty tough girl for being such a DRAMA queen!

brooke said...

We had 3 new Sunbeams, one of them was Spencer. I'm the Primary Pres, and had to sub as sunbeam teacher. It was a wild ride that first week. Yesterday was better. Spencer thinks he's supposed to talk directly to me the whole time and that I'm only asking him the questions. Its funny. I almost cried when I first saw him sitting there like a big boy. Then I almost lost it with frustrations when he wouldn't be still the whole hour.

Olivia Carter said...

Brooke- My first Sunday as the Primary 2nd councler in my old ward was the Sunbeams first day & we had 10 of them. I thought, "Is this always what it will be like?" It wasn't but it was a long time before they settled.

April Carter said...

I would have cried too. I think I cried when Scott started Primary....but that was AGES ago because he is sooo old. (:

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

It's so crazy when the kids start moving on to their own little worlds and we just get to hear about it later. Such a fun milestone but such a big one.

Olivia Carter said...

April- Yeah, it was hard. I kind of just want to keep them locked away forever so I can control everything they hear & everything that's said to them, you know?

Debbie- YES! Exactly. She's doing her own thing. The only stuff I know about what happened is what she tells me. That's SO WEIRD to me!