Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pink Christmas Tree

What do you guys think is the likelihood that I could talk Scott into not only buying a fake Christmas tree, but a pink one?

Probably not very good, huh? Darn it.

I first saw in on this Blueprint Magazine holiday article. But then was reminded of its adorable-ness when browsing this fabulous blog Making It Lovely.


monica said...

not opposed to a pink christmas tree...i want a white one.

however there is something so nostalgic about a green one. i dont know if i want to change tradition just because something is know?


I don't know I think a pink Christmas tree could be super cute. I would have to do a very themed Christmas though. I think I would go with a candy theme. I think a pink Christmas tree would tie in rather nicely in that case!

Kristie said...

Seen small pink ones at walmart. They also had blue ones and purple ones. Wouldn't that just make a little girls day?

Anonymous said...

walmart, big lots and target all had 3ft ones that were either pink, red, purple or blue. Maybe do a pink one in Syd's room and a blue in Berto's?

Olivia Carter said...

Monica- Oh a white! I'll bet that would be LOVELY! I do like the way a "real" tree smells & feels. I don't know if we'd ever have a fake, even with price & the mess.

Bills- Yes, that's a good idea. I think you are right. All the ornaments would have to match instead of just all the family ones.

Kristie- It would certainly make my day to have a pink tree. Lots of things that make little girls happy makes me happy. :)

Lynchmob- Ooooo! Syd would DIE for a pink tree. I think I kind of like that "little" tree idea.

April Carter said...

Not so much. But could you have a valentines tree?

Olivia Carter said...

April- Valentines tree? You might just be a genius!