Monday, January 4, 2010

Genious Giveaway

At the book launch party, the author gave away little bottles of nailpolish (because of the girl on the cover of the book) with her book info on it. She managed to find a color that perfectly matches the book.

When I got home I showed it to Scott:

ME: "How cool is this?"
(I pull is out of my pocket & hand it to him)
SCOTT: "Yeah, that is cool."
(holds it close to read it)
ME: "And she talked about her writing schedule and..."
SCOTT: "Breeds pain. That's hard core, Olivia."
ME: "Breeds pain?"
SCOTT: "Yeah, what is this book? Breeds!?"
(I grab the bottle from him & read it)
ME: "Scott! That's her name. Bree Despain!"
In his defense, when it's all in a line: breedespain, there's only an extra "E".

Sign up for the sign copy of her fabulous book, "The Dark Divine" here & read her blog here.


monica said...

thats funny. i would have done the same thing im sure. that is way fun that you she hands out nail polish, sounds like my kinda of gal!

Katie said...

That's really funny. What a boy.

April Carter said...

That is so funny. I would have thought the same thing.