Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New York & Company Sweater

You guys are so sweet! Nice Monica complimented my sweater on my giveaway post & I got 2 emails about it.

It's a gorgeous sweater from New York & Company. Unfortunately, when I went to their website they are on sale but don't have much left.

My mother-in-law bought the yellow one for me for Christmas (because we all know how I feel about yellow) & it was darling but too small. Thankfully, I went to the store & found not only the yellow, but the orange one on sale too.

Love the color, the flowers, & the vintage-y buttons. Oh happy day! I really do wish I could own one in every color.


Cody and Kylie said...

LOVE IT! So cute!

Katie said...

Love it. I went to the website and was happy to see they had a magenta one in Large....when to put it in my cart and it was gone :o( Too bad, so sad.

Kristie said...

Last year they had jewel cardigans, similar to these, but without the flowers. So cute! I love their pants. So many rises, so many sizes, so many lengths. They have clothes that fit everyone! And the don't cost very much at all!
Love the sweaters! You always look so cute!
(South Towne Mall and Layton Hills Mall have New York and Company stores in them!)

Cindy said...

That is a great sweater! They still have one in gray... I may get it!

April Carter said...

Wish I could have gotten them in every color.