Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A lil' Shiny Love

It's been a bit of a dull day so I thought I'd SNAZZ it up with a couple of my favorite shiny things. ENJOY!

1) Syd's been obsessed with leggings lately (wearing them here, here, & here) & I'm in love with these from American Apparel. (Blogger Freshly Picked made a pair for her daughter. I'm tempted):

2) Saw & loved these shoes on My Favorite Things:

3) Gold spandex + Luchador plush = Love (pillow for the couch?):

4) Sculptures of artist Jeff Koons (I sure miss my Modern Art History classes):


monica said...

shiny gold leggings for little girls= a must. how fuN! like really, when will they EVER get to do that again except on halloween as an adult..maybe.

Olivia Carter said...

No really! I agree! I put Syd in all sorts of things I wish I could wear but can't. Let her live it up while she can (also why my kids are always naked- might as well while you can).

lexylou said...

Must get those shiny leggings for Esme...

Tasha T said...

haha. I totally made a pair of gold leggings for my sister after seeing them on AA. Love them.