Thursday, February 25, 2010

Overwhelmed Brain Cure

Now, I'm not claiming this is the cure-all for everyones brain cramps.

But it sure worked for a day like today where my brain is all sorts of overwhelmed...

1) Drink Diet Mountain Dew 2) Through a straw 3) Out of a new GNOME cup

Yeah, It did make me feel a bit better & he's a cute lil' guy, huh?


M said...

Have you lost weight? Your face looks really thin in these photos.

PS Love the gnome cup!

Olivia Carter said...

M- You are nice! I have lost a little weight. I've been eating RIDICULOUSLY healthy for the last 3 weeks so I've lost a bit. I loose it in the boobs and the face.... lastly the hips (where I need it the most)

Kristal said...

I dig that shirt you are wearing!

Man... so much catching up I need to do wardrobe-wise when I get home. I'm getting a little sick of wearing the same clothes every week!