Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ruffles & Stuff: Making Clothes Last

I adore the blog Ruffles & Stuff. The last couple days shes shown creative & easy ways to make your girls clothes last longer.

A couple from "The Tops":

A couple from "The Bottoms":

I'm seriously considering revamping Syd's clothes for part of her birthday gift (its in about a month) along with finally finishing this dang doll.


Merf said...

these are great ideas! especially the shirt with stains---who doesnt get those!?

Smithy said...

sooo cute - makes me wish i had kiddies (and a sewing machine)

Katie said...

I love them! Makes me want to sew.

Olivia Carter said...

Merf- REALLY! And I hate it when something so cute is ruined by a dumb stain!

Smithy- Yes, you DO need some kiddlets around.

Katie- I know... me too. I have like "sew a straight line" skills I need to practice.

monica said...

forwarded this on my natalie.
so great!