Thursday, February 18, 2010


I got an amazing mix CD from one of my best friends, Smithy. I think I loved every song on the list.

Lots of great indie songs from groups I've heard of but haven't tried out, as well as groups I liked but songs I hadn't heard.

Check out her FAB list:

1. Lay, Lady, Lay- (I don't know who this version is by)
2. I Can't- Ben Sollee
3. How It Ends- DeVotchKa
4. Learning To Bend- Ben Sollee
5. Run- Vampire Weekend
6. Heavy Metal Drummer- Wilco
7. Mansard Roof- Vampire Weekend
8. Is This Love? - Clap Your Hands & Say Yeah
9. M79- Vampire Weekend
10. Keep The Car Running- The Arcade Fire
11. Giving Up The Gun- Vampire Weekend
12. Hey There Delilah- Plain White T's
13. Breakin' Up- Rilo Kiley
14. Silver Lining- Rio Kiley

Check out Smithy's blog for updates on the cute house her & her husband are remolding in The Avenues in SLC.

Anyone love any of these songs from Smithy's mix?
Any more suggestions from these musicians?

P.S. I made links on a couple of my favs (I literally could have linked to every single one, they were that good) & I went back & did this on Davin's mix too. Check his out here.


Susan said...

I think my CD will suck in comparison. :*(

Smithy said...

hooray for mixed cds! I wish I had made a cooler cover...

monica said...

that is one good mix right there. look at you with all your mixes! you dont ever have to buy music again! hah.