Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CONFESSION TIME: the binkie edition

Okay, so I have a confession. Last weekend Sydney finally gave up her binkie.

I know, I know... she DID give it up around her 1st birthday. Completely gone. But when Rob was born soon after, we had family come & they didn't know we'd rid her of the binkie. They gave it back to her &, wow, that made weening her again really difficult.

We moved, Rob had his hip problems, we were overwhelmed. Excuses, excuses.... but the short of it is that she still had binkies. We limited it down to just in bed & decided to wait until she was ready.

But still... binkies in bed at 3? Maybe? But 4 years old? No. Way.

So, we made up a little ritual: We put her binkies in a box, to "send" them to Baby Mirian (her cousin) & left it at the door before bed. Then the postman/binkie fairy left Sydney a gift in exchange for her binkies.

She was left a big bag of chocolate and some dress-up heels from the $1 store. It was completely PAINLESS. Not a tear, no asking for them, NOTHING. Seriously, so nice!

P.S. I kind of wish I had something to give up for a bag of chocolate & a couple pairs of heels.


Ashley said...

That's totally rad. At least she only used them at nighttime - I've seen kids at the grocery store with one in their mouth and they are like 3 or 4. My kids never took a pacifier, so it's easy for me to judge ;) We'll see what I have to say with Isaac is still sucking his thumb at age 12 :)

I gave up caffeine, but I pretty much replaced it with chocolate.

Cindy said...

Oh Liv... no need to be embarrassed. Jack has his binkies in bed as well. It's a TOUGH thing. They love them, it's comfort, it's habit... so tough. I keep thinking he'll give them up when he's ready too, but I think it's wishful thinking... I'm SURE he'll have them at 4 if there isn't an intervention. We'll have to try something cool like you! Way to go!! That's BIG!!!

Em and Russ said...

So when are you going to "Send" us the binkies so we can call and thank Syd for them?

Syd's a crack up. We love her to death. So nice that she was willing to give up the binkies for Baby Mirian. What a sweetheart!!!!

Susan said...

I love this! I need to follow suit! Ez is almost 2 1/2 and is binkie crazy.

Kristie said...

I love this idea. What a fun thing to give them up for someone special. I will have to remember this "trick".

kaitlin said...

ahh that girl is SO CUTE!
i know i know that is all i ever say on here but seriously. it's real.

sugarface said...


Buckley said...

What? I have to give up my binkie?

Katie said...

That is a very sweet way of doing it. I am so glad for you that it worked so well!

I know what you mean....I could use a fairy who leaves chocolate and shoes on my doorstep!

Very cute pictures, btw.