Monday, March 15, 2010

Liberty of London at Target

Have you guys seen the new Liberty of London line at Target?

Oh my... take my breath away. Lovely. Normally I'm NOT a fan of such busy prints but it must be the color or I don't know what but these are just fab-u-lous.

They had a cute teapot in the store that they don't have online in this print...

And, oh, how I need it.

I tried on the dress (the one above on the right) & I definitely DON'T need it. It looked down right nasty on me. Shame.

Runner's up to the teapot: this bike & this bedding (which looks weird in the pic but was gorgeous in person)

Is anyone else digging Liberty of London?


Lindsay Jane said...

Just saw their office stuff tonight and I was drawn to it before I even saw the sign - it was beautiful! Anyone that can make a three ring binder that takes my breath away is a friend of mine.

Katie said...

I hadn't noticed it, but I love everything you posted. Don't you hate it when you see a lovely dress and it looks horrid on? That happens more often than not with me.

brooke said...

I saw an ad for these things the other day and also felt a "NEED" for the new items. Love it!

Susan said...

I want that teapot!