Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Monica CD's: Multiple Mixes

Let me just start by saying that one word to describe Monica is cool. Just plain cool. One glimpse at her blog will tell you she has amazing taste in clothes, decor, & music.

After my first mix I got from Monica (before the CD exchange) I have received 3 more!

The sheer number is UBER but let me mention... they are all amazing mixes. They have taught me a TON of good music.

And if that's not cool enough, they are all sent from Washington state... but she's in Switzerland (check out her adventures on her blog here).

I don't know how she pulled it off but I'm profoundly grateful for the musical education I've received from these mixes.

SO hard to name my favorites but from Mix #2 it's gotta be 4. Comme De Enfants (which is in French & just lovely) & 9.What I Wouldn't Do by A Fine Frenzy (so romantic).

From Mix #3 we already know how I'm a new fan of 19. Vamprie Weekend & 15. Regina Spektor so I loved those.

From Mix #4 I LOVE LOVE Cat Stevens so I dug both 14. & 15. and loved 12. Far Far by Yael Naim (I also love her song New Soul- one of those songs I couldn't get sick of).

What about you guys? Any favs from Monica's extensive playlists?


Smithy said...

i am just jealous that you are getting all of this free music!

Kristal said...

ya, no kidding about the free music! I love it when I catch you in the middle of blogging... then I can hope that there will be more posts to look at later!

Skylar said...

I love, love Stars. The most romantic band EVER. I just got Amy Millan (the chick vocals in Stars)2006 CD "Honey from the Tombs" and it's absolutely gorgeous. Much more country inspired. I just saw Metric live a week ago yesterday. It was a pretty mind blowing experience. Lykke Li is great live too!

Audra said...

Haha... that is why I have not succeeded in making your mix from me yet. I have too many. I considered making a "moody day" mix, a "clean the house" mix, a "schmoopy mix", and "exercise mix", a "dance with the kids" mix. Then I never finish. You may get like 5 from me one day ;)

monica said...

oh hey! that's me.

happy to be of service. making mixes is my middle name.

and how did i send them in washington while i am in switzer somewhere? it is called getting them alll packaged and ready before i leave and then emailing my dad at the first of every month to send one to you. so really old brucey helped too. but you didn't hear any of that from me. shh.