Wednesday, April 7, 2010

USA Today, Gnome Sweet Gnome, & Babies

So, over the weekend I get a phone call from my friend Lindsay, "Call Alicia." (Alicia was a college roommate of mine & an awesome friend) is all she says. So, I call.

ALICIA:"Livie! I'm at the movie theater & there's this poster for that Babies movie. It's taller than me. I think it's an article & your blog is mentioned on it."
ME: "Wait, what?!"
ALICIA: "I'll send you pics!"

I get the pictures in my email & sure enough the big poster mentions a comment on the "mommy-oriented blog Gnome Sweet Gnome". It was LexyLou's comment! How cool is that, Lexy?!

Anyway, here are pictures she emailed & here's the actual article on

Thanks Alicia you are the BOMB for reading, noticing, & then calling me so excited. Sometimes I feel like I'm blogging out to space & it's nice to know that there is someone on the other end!


kaitlin said...

that's sooo great! too bad they didn't link to your blog, what a rip off!

lexylou said...

We are famous???? YEAH GIRLIE!!
O.M.G.... I think I may faint.
Well you are mucho fabulousa, glad someone up in the big wig's caught on!
Get ready for a tidal wave on new follower's!
xx Lexy

Wiked Princess said...

Shouldn't you have some kind of patent or something for this????
It's sweet that you got that big, but really, who ever doubted it? You, with three kids and a picket fence, can stil dazzle everyone!!!
Do YOUR thing Sexy Lexy!!


Mike Kessler said...

Holy moly, that is BIG!!! Congratulations, Liv!


How awesome is that!!!!

Em and Russ said...

I think you are being stocked by the government. Just ask Scott about Toe Jam and Earl. I think it has something to with the implant in his forehead! Congratulations! Too bad they will never pick one of my crazy comments : )

Just SO said...

That is so dang cool!!!!

Smithy said...

how neat - mommy-oriented blog isn't a bad thing to be called

Katie said...

Seriously, just so fabulous. You deserve it. Your blog is the BEST! So excited for you.

Kristal said...

Wow!!! that is AWESOME! you're so FAMOUS!

please still be my friend?

Esther Noelle said...

That is so exciting!!! Really that's pretty dang cool! :) Your blog has lots and lots of followers!!!

PA-lurker said...

BIG NEWS! Can you imagine if they had included a link? Oh, the new traffic!! Olivia, your blog is awesome. So glad to be reconnecting!
Mike Redford

My Mercurial Nature said...

That is SO cool! Wow!!