Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Excavate a Dino" toy

Matt & Kristal brought back the coolest toy EVER for Syd & Rob

It's a chalk block with a little chisel & brush.

You slowly chip away at the chalk block, then brush away with the tiny brush

And slowly unearth the bones of a dinosaur.

The kids loved it. I wish I had like 50 of these suckers. The kids were meticulous (even my little "tank child" Rob) & spent TONS of time on it.

It took a while & made a BIG mess. Baths were needed to fully clean the dinos. And the children.

P.S. This is the closet that I could find here in the US


Real Life Reslers said...

That's awesome! It looks super fun.


How cool!!

Quigley Family said...

We got one at Fred Meyer last week. It was $4 and took over 20 min. to dig out and dust off...you find the bones and then have to put the dino together. I think it is in the garbage now. The end product wasn't super cool, but it was fun for the boys to find the bones.

Susan said...

That's awesome! I want one for myself! ha ha.

Smithy said...

gotta love china - wouldn't let them suck on the dinos tho - bet they contain lead

Tara Thueson said...

You could TOTALLY make that!! :) What a fun craft. Here is a link to make chalk:


Put it in a little container, fill it up and when it is starting to settle put a little toy in there! :)