Monday, June 28, 2010


Hip-hip! Family vacations are always fun- even with the dreaded hike. It was lovely & I survived it... barely.

Let's not discuss the late-60's gentlemen (a great uncle/cousin twice removed by marriage) in long sleeves & jeans that passed Emily & I. So glad I had her to be the caboose of the hike with me.

Other highlights of the trip: the kids horseback ride for the kids, the zipline for the adults, and seeing Matt & Kristal (back from China!)


Susan said...

I'm glad you survived it! :)

Real Life Reslers said...

Looks like fun!

April Carter said...

What are you talking did GREAT on the hike. Wish we could have stayed another week. I needed more vacation time with the family

Em and Russ said...

The hike was dreaded! I'm glad you were there with me. I think I would have died without you. It was a blast, though.