Friday, June 25, 2010

To Zion Goes I

Read to the tune of "To Zion Goes I" by O.A.R.

Yup, off we go to a family reunion in Zion for the weekend.

I haven't been since I was a little kid. I'm pretty sure there's an infamous "Jeppson family story" about my complaining that everyone else got to stay in tents & my parents made us stay at a hotel (& people wonder where my distaste for camping came from)

Let's hope nothing infamous happens on this trip.

Especially since, while the babies are being watched, the adults are going on a hike of the famous Angels Landing.

And, don't worry, people have died on this hike.

Seriously, if someone is going to fall on a hike it would be ME. No really... I have terrible balance, fear of heights, & (not even joking) kinda bad luck.

I'm considering breaking my leg prior to tomorrow morning, but I'm pretty sure not even that would get my out of this hike.

So, I'll take my camera, a prayer on my lips, & document the journey for you all.


Rachel said...

Don't do it!!! I definitely wouldn't.

Holly said...

All-time favorite hike. Do it. It's worth it!

Real Life Reslers said...

ohhhh be careful!

brooke said...

wow, looks awesome! break a leg! just kidding

Meagan Brooks said...

Good Luck, Olivia! You are very brave! Remember what we talked about with the exclamation points and online writing! See how I am using them so you don't think I'm sad, or mad, or something else not happy! :P Sorry...I'm still on dental drugs from getting cavities filled. Have a great weekend! Crap. Another exclamation point! :)

Katie said...

Yes, I remember that trip to Zion.

Very jealous of your upcoming hike.

kaitlin said...

bah have fun! it's definitely a fun/gorgeous/and scary one.
but totally worth it once you get to the top.

Tara said...

great guest post at handbags & handguns! the first thing i read after the twilight series was the hunger games and i loved it!

Mike Kessler said...

You went with me and your dad years ago, before you met Scott, remember? We walked through the Virgin River together, and slipped and slid on the slick stones. (Sibilants, anyone?) You took my photo on a rock, and I took a photo of you and your dad also standing on a rock in the river.

Kristie said...

I did that hike, and I am deathly afraid of heights as well! It really isn't that bad. Say your prayers, and you will love it!
Good luck!

Susan said...

Good luck!!! I am the same way though... if it would happen to someone, it would probably be me. :)

Christie said...

I was ALMOST old enough to go with the adults at that reunion.
The infamous part I remember from that reunion was Nana checking on food assignments and saying "Paul's got the buns!"
Yeah, to my 10/11(?) year old mind that was the funniest.thing.ever.