Saturday, July 3, 2010

Favorite lil' guy & favorite burger

Syd's been away at "grandma camp" for the past few days & I have RELISHED my one-on-one time with Rob.

He's such a silly, sweet, intuitive kid & I feel lucky that I'm blessed to hang out with him.

We had a lovely time together & capped off out "alone time" with an In-And-Out Burger trip.


Ashley said...

I could really go for some alone time with my little guy - he's a completely different person when Rae's not around. And I could really really go for an in-n-out shake!! I love to ask for it to be a combo of strawberry/chocolate shake - so good!

Katie said...

Sounds great! I bet that is such a different experience for you because the two are always together (and with you). I know I know getting alone time with my Gabers too.

Smithy said...

which grandpa? hope you post about it

Cindy said...

How sweet! I miss having one on one time with Jack. It's nice to spend time with them alone. They're so much fun!