Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm prejudice against DiCaprio

If you were to ask me to name an actor I don't like, Leonardo DiCaprio might top my list. There's something sort of slimy/chumpy/greasy about him.

However, Scott & I went to go see INCEPTION last night (we heard it was great, but knew NOTHING about it) & we LOVED it.

So, I was thinking back to all the movies I've seen him in & realized he's a pretty amazing actor. I've loved him in everything I've seen.

Shutter Island (some poo-poo it, we liked it)
Blood Diamond
The Aviator
Catch Me if You Can
Titanic (yes, I liked Titanic)
Romeo + Juliet (I still love this movie)
All the way back to, What's Eating Gilbert Grape

I guess what I'm saying is maybe, maybe, I've rethought my distaste for him.

And, it has nothing to do with it but I still don't like Megan Fox.

Who saw Inception?
Did you love it?
Hate it?
Am I alone in my distaste of Leo?


Merf said...

had no intention of seeing "inception"---until i heard everyone's review of it---everyone that i know of that has seen it HAS LOVED i'll bite and go see it....i'm in the same boat as you---didnt think i'm a fan of leonardo--but i do like him IN movies!

stephanie said...

So what DON'T you love about Leonardo then? :)

Saw Inception, thought it was awesome and am telling everyone else to see it too. My only complaint is that it wasn't long enough - I want to know the before and after, and the characters weren't super developed, but I guess that would have taken more time too. I love that it's super crazy with so many details, but that they're aren't plot holes (at least that I can think of).

I can't do Keira Knightley. But, luckily she doesn't ruin movies for me, she's just my least favorite part of movies she's in.

Ashley said...

I agree- don't much care for Leo as a person, but like him as an actor. Roy is out watching Inception right now and I'll probably go see it this weekend.

monica said...

i had not much of an opinion of him either way. maybe your distaste of him began with Growing Pains? hah. i liked him a lot in this movie. i LOVED THE MOVIE. need to see it again that is for sure.
like the stephanie above i cant do keira knightly nor can i do hillary swank (however i tolerated her in ps i love you)

monica said...

oh..and is that pic of him an Annie Leibovitz photo?

M said...

Saw the movie and, like everyone else who's commented, thought it was AMAZING. And Leo was amazing in it too. I remember when he was on "Growing Pains." Wow, that makes me old. You were brave to see Shutter Island. I thought it looked like an incredibly well-done movie but too scary for me. Inception though is a must-see. I'm still thinking about all its layers.

April Carter said...

We want to go see it...maybe Friday night. I have the same feelings about him. I did not really like him in Man in the Iron Mask...because I loved the book so much...and he didn't have a French accent (: But some of the other things he has been in are really good. At least you don't have to read about him in the rags all the time. I like a low profile. Took Marlena to see Eclipse FINALLY. I think I might have liked it better if the crowd wasn't completely quiet. It made me really not like Belle...she was so BORING. But have to say..Jacob was pretty hot, even for a old lady! Come on son's I know you have those 6 pack abs inside you somewhere (:

Holly said...

With you exactly. I don't really like Leo, but I do think he's been amazing in everything I've seen him in. That top photo totally reminds me of Bjork. Another person I just can't get behind.
Haven't seen inception but perhaps I will after all these positive reviews.

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

There are a few people who I love their acting but dont really like them as people (from what they've shown the world). Interesting about you not like Leo. I was watching, oh what is it called, Rotten Tomatoes and they were doing a thing on him and his movies. Interesting stuff.
Haven't seen the movie yet though I'm sure this will be one Tarl will want to hit up.

Real Life Reslers said...

So I'm not much of a Leo fan. He seems sort of ...slimy? I dunno.
I haven't seen Inception.
I thought about seeing Shutter Island but one of the kids I had at school last year (a third grader!) told me how it ended. Can you believe a third grader was allowed to see it? OKOK I know not my are not alone in your distaste for Leo. Or Megan Fox.

Katie said...

I just loved loved loved Inception. I walked out if saying, "How could ANY critic blast that movie?" Even if they didn't like the story, they could not deny the acting, the production, the writing...everything was brilliant. It is not often that love I movie that much!

So I think he is a good actor. However, he does tend to carry some of his mannerisms and vocal patterns over into different characters and that bothers me. Not as bad as Tom Hanks or anything, and I think he has gotten better over the years. As far as in real life, totally unattractive to me, but haven't thought about it much otherwise. I just know he drives a Prius or something.

Lux Lady... said...

Haven't seen it yet...but your slimy/greasy comment, coupled with the swan-à-la-Bjork photo, made me laugh! I think he'll be for our generation what Robert Redford was to my mother's generation. Ah, he had me at Romeo & Juliet! ;)

Jessica said...

Haven't seen Inception, and probably won't because we literally never go to the movies. Maybe once a year, more like every other.

I'm not a big Leo person, but I do want to see The Aviator and I've been thinking lately about checking out Gangs of New York, but I can't tell you why. Hmmm.

I HATE Colin Farrell*. Can't stand him. I may have to overlook my distaste so I can see Crazy Heart. That will be a big step considering I've broken my Woody Allen movie streak simply because Colin Farrell is in one of them.

*Not to be confused with Colin Firth, who I want to imaginary marry and have babies with.

Cody and Kylie said...

I was in love with Leo when I was in middle school. I had Tiger Beat and Teen Bop Posters of him up in my room there for a while...Lame, I know. I love some of his movies, think he is a great actor, but I can see how he would look slimy, etc. I went through spurts with him. Romeo & Juliet will always be my favorite of his movies. Ps. I loved Titanic too! Joseph Gordon Leavitt though, I have come to love. :) Glad you enjoyed your movie!

Lyric said...

Well, i have always loved leo. But then again, I was like 12 when Titanic came out, and you can bet I had all of his posters on my wall, mixed in with some nsync. It was some time later that I realized that I liked him as an actor and saw whats eating gilbert grape, etc.

Cody and Kylie said...

Oh, and I REALLY dislike Megan Fox as well. BLEH!

April Carter said...

About Megan Fox....we got to see her in person at the now defunk Connan show. She was SOOOOO skinny...unrealistic skinny. Her thighs were about as big as my forearm. She looked so weird in person. She might be pretty, but she is a lousy actress...just giving my 2 cents

Michelle said...

Oh you cannot forget The Departed! That is the best movie!!! Inception is fabulous, Blood Diamond is fabulous, although it made me cry....I think Leo is fantastic, he can at least play a different character in different movies.

I also think Megan Fox is a scam.

hotpants™ said...

I can't wait to see it. I love Christopher Nolan so I can only imagine how good it is. Leo is a great actor. I love Titanic too... makes me cry every time.

monochromewillow said...

Megan Fox totally sucks.

And in case you're wondering who I am, I found your blog by googling "cake decorating classes in provo utah." You said something about cakes awhile back, and apparently no one else in Provo talks about cakes.

Susan said...

I have had a thing for Leo since What's Eating Gilbert Grape. I think he is probably the best actor of my generation. He is so good. He's probably a turd in real life, but I love to watch him in movies. With maybe one exception- The man in the Iron Mask... Playing the king of France with an American accent?! bleh.

As for Megan Fox, she is gross, gross, gross! She can keep Brian Austin Green too, cause he's pretty lame as well. :P Did you know she has a toe thumb? I'm not kidding. It's on her right hand. Google it. It's hilarious.

As for Inception, WE LOVED IT! Bryan doesn't like anything and he loved it! I am pretty sure that Christopher Nolan is a genius. And as for Leo in that one, he was excellent, as he is in just about everything he plays... (In my humble opinion).

Susan said...

BTW... could you have picked a WORSE picture of him?! ha ha. Oh my gosh. That is so gross and funny.

Esther Noelle said...

Um, great post. And can I just say - 22 comments?? Your blog is rockin. ;) And now I make 23. Can't wait to see Inception. And I like Leo.

Crazy Sugar Daisy said...

I've never really loved him either. However I was hard core in love with Jack Dawson (his titanic role) when I was 13. All I know is that goose photo is the greatest thing I've ever seen. Seriously my coworkers and I spent a good chunk of the day talking about the brilliant photoshopping masterpieces we could make out of that. I almost convinced my engaged coworker to take his engagement photos like that with his fiance to the left with another goose wrapped around her neck so they would make a heart. Amazing!!