Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hell's Kitchen

I've never been into "food" shows, but in the summer there's not much on so when Scott & I want something to watch we've been turning on Hell's Kitchen on Hulu.

I wasn't a fan at first, its just SO aggressive with a lot of swearing. Does anyone out there know if this is normal chef behavior? I mean, I KNOW it's over-the-top for TV, but it's like its own culture.

But the show has grown on me.

Anyone else like Hell's Kitchen? Is it just summer so I'm looking for ANYTHING to watch?


Katie said...

We totally used to watch this show because there was nothing else on. It just brings us a lot of laughs because everyone is always out smoking on the patio (do ALL chefs smoke?! I don't know anyone in real life who smokes anymore!) and complaining about Chef Ramsey and then they let him call them "fat cows" and "donkeys."

I do watch a lot of Chef shows and there seems to be tons of swearing that goes on and lots of yelling but Chef Ramsey himself seems over the top. Chefs tend to have HUGE egos though.

Crazy Sugar Daisy said...

I can vouch for the crazy chef behavior. You're totally right that it's exaggerated for t.v. and it does depend on the chef of course but I will say that when I was in culinary school I had more than one plate thrown at me.

Dawn said...

Thre are a few gems out there to watch.....Top Chef on Wednesday. Project Runway starts next Thursday. And finally the best of all....Mad Men starts their new season this Sunday.

April Carter said...

I like Cupcake Wars

Kristal said...

i've never seen it, but you guys need to watch PSYCH! I LOVE that show. And it's a summer show!