Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Portland Fun

For anyone bored of our "travel log" of Portland, I won't blame you for skipping this post. But Scott's at home missing us & we miss him too, so we're updating him (& those who care) on what we've been up to.

Yesterday, we had yummy icecream at a neat little restaurant not far from my dads house & wandered fun neighborhoods looking in pet shops & thrift stores.
And of course no trip Portland would be complete without a nice long browsing of Powells New & Used Bookstore. I had a huge pile but settled on 2 books, but darn, it was hard.
Then a quick trip on a streetcar to watch Portland passing by.

And then stopped at a splash park. We didn't bring suits so we let he kids get soaking wet in their underwear. So fun!

Today we went to the ORIGINAL "Original Pancake House". It was a massive wait, the place was packed, but it was a fun, kitchy place to eat with YUM pancakes.

We then went to the lovely Tryon State Park& went a on a little hike.

Then we took a little walk around the Portland Oregon LDS Temple. It was gorgeous: the architecture, the gardens, & it was a peaceful end to the afternoon.

And to cap off the night we all had a blast painting a mural in grandpas garage.

Has anyone been to Portland? What did you guys see/love in the city? We'll be heading out soon so if there's a MUST see lemme know!


Tara said...

You could go to Multnomah Falls or to the OMSI. I also loved this street market fair that is held on fridays and Saturdays underneath a busy street near Powells. They have all these cool vendors that gather there and is is awesome. I don't remember the max line stop exactly but it had something to do with skid I think? I bet you a local would know but I loved it there!

Em and Russ said...

Multnomah Falls is a fair drive, but it's gorgeous. I don't know any other places since I have mostly been there on business. In my younger years, I had five brothers get married at the Portland Temple. It is indeed gorgeous.

Dawn said...

I loved that bridge park that looked like a cathedral, but most of all I think the best thing about Portland is Buckley Jeppson!!!!

Smithy said...

glad you guys are having such a great time!

Katie said...

Looks fun and exhausting!

Leah said...

It definitely took me a few minutes to realize you were in Portland, OR, NOT Maine. I've been to the Maine Portland, but not OR. Your trip updates make me want to take a vacation there!

Looks like a blast!

Susan said...

I LOVE THIS POST! So awesome! When do you get home?

Rachel+Co said...

looks like lotsa fun! i love that picture of your little peeps swimming in their undies. those twin scowls. such attitude. can't wait till you get back.