Monday, August 9, 2010

Muddled Murky Messy Mind

My apologizes, I have no fun blog today. My mind is completely fried right now. In fact, if anyone can figure out...

1) a Utah Preschool that isn't essentially a daycare instead of, you know, a school as the name implies
2) teach my dog to stop pooping in front of Berto's closet
3) find some car activities to keep my babies happy for a 13 hr trek to Portland I'll be making soon

... I can get to some of the creative/fun/exciting projects I've had rolling around my brain lately.

And onto my good news: I got a new blow dryer.
Okay, I know, I'm scraping the bottom of the "good news" barrel.

What about you guys? Any problems I can help solve.
No, seriously, I need some good karma.


monica said...

1. ask stephanie, she taught preschool in provo.
2. get rid of the dog :)
3. then another 2 hours to come up to seattle right? i subscribe benydryl(sp)..just put those kids to sleep.

it is always fun getting some new sort of appliance.

Jessica G. said...

I actually posted about traveling with kids a little while back:

And if you are located anywhere near Lindon, I can recommend a really awesome preschool. Seriously, your child will be reading before kindergarten.

Cody and Kylie said...

I don't know of any pre-schools,I can ask around.
But your hair looks gorgeous, so thats good news!
I wonder how many things the kiddies can look for out the window...? Or how many wild stories they can tell on the way to Portland.

Smithy said...

man oh man nanny

that's all i can say.

Kristie said...

There are a couple of good preschools down here in Spanish Fork. Other than that, good luck.
Not sure about the drive, my kids still fall asleep and sleep most of the way. But we usually don't take them on a longer than 3 hour drive.

Merf said...

1. our foster kids qualified for the preschool thru the school district---but our others didnt.... so we sent Leah to another church's---it was great. The others didnt go.

2.rub your dogs nose near the poop---use a vinegar to rub on the dogs nose (opposite smell)----all the time chewing him out--- then dont let the dog near his room!

3. personal dvd.... new toys in a bag that you have control of to hand out every now and then... change their seats every few hours---kind of a change of venue!

Lindsay Jane said...

1. I texted you a preschool last night. Since you're starting so late I think you need to decide what your must haves are and only look for those.

2. I'm with Monica. I love Rambo but behavior like that cannot be tolerated. It's disgusting.

3. Benadryl for at least part of the drive. I also recommend a portable DVD player and every kid DVD you can find. You can borrow my DVDs if you want.

Michelle said...

While I have no idea about preschools...unless you're looking in Davis County which I'm thinking is too far of a drive....and I don't really have any news....I did find a fun website, perhaps you haven't visited it before? Have you ever heard of chookooloonks?

Julie Johnson said...

My friend teaches a preschool in Provo. She is an award winning teacher. She used to teach kindergarten (I think that was the grade). She is amazing. By the way I am Cami Walker's sister in case you were wondering who I am.

Esther Noelle said...

1. Good luck with the preschool search!!! I've been looking around for you and it's just tempting me to send Robby even though we have no money to and no plans to right now.
2. I have to agree with Monica and Lindsay on this one - or work on serious hard core disciplining him cause yeah that is CRAPPY. ha ha, get it?
3. K, so I have a word doc I can send you with some of my ideas - I got a litle Color Wonder thing, like a small one, a Dora pad at Kohls randomly and Robby LOVES it. He did it for like an hour and a half and then the marker went dry so I need to get another one before our flight back.
Hurray for the new blow dryer!

Real Life Reslers said...

The best way I found to cure house pooping is to stop letting my dogs self feed. I only feed them twice a day and let them out about half an hour later. They get the poop out then and dont' have any left for the house!

This part is just IMHO but....Please don't discipline your dog unless you catch him in the act! Their minds don't work like that. And rubbing their face in poop is mean because they won't know why you're doing it. Especially if you call them first. They'll think they are getting punished for coming when called!