Monday, August 2, 2010

My fictional characters opening my mind to new music

The other day I was driving & a song came on from a band I HATE. I don't even want to say which band because I'm afraid of the wrath from people who love them.

Let's just say the bands name sounds like the name of the 16th president & ends with a location you take kids to play that has slides.

Okay, fine it was LINKIN PARK...

Anyway, I've always found their music to be whiny, self-deprecating, and if I'm being honest a bit indulgent.

So, the song began & I leaned over to change the station but something made me stop & listen.

And I listened, & I listened, & it was still self-deprecating & indulgent ("I'm hard on the outside but not all the way through" anyone? BLEH.) but I understood where they were coming from. What they were trying to say.

How did I have this revelation you may ask?

It was character I've been writing recently. A character I love & that, as much as it makes me crazy, would probably connect with this particular band. All of the sudden I understood the angsty wailing & frustrated guitar rifts. Linkin Park sorta makes sense to me now.

So, tell me do we have Linkin Park fans out there?
Any songs to recommend?

Any haters out there?
Don't worry I understand too.

P.S. Enjoy the song from the radio below (unfortunately the actual music video which is really cool wouldn't embed so you get the weirdy Twilight video along w/ the song):


Lydia Kang said...

My new characters have definitely opened my mind to new music. It's a good thing--can't get stuck listening to all the same old stuff!


I love Linkin Park. I always have since I was in Junior High when they first came out! lol I love this song. Haven't you ever thought about when you die (this is starting out very morbid) anyways, I always wonder who will show up at my funeral and if they will remember me for good or bad....if you take this song for exactly what they are saying then that is exactly what they are talking about! But, I do love Linkin Park!

this blog said...

in high school when i was on our school's hip hop dance team, we preformed to a linkin park song. and it rocked. i can't remember the name of the song. there wasn't any singing, just sounds(or maybe just barely any)i have liked(almost typed licked) them since then.

monica said...

above is me. i dont know why it says "this blog" strange.

Shauna said...

remember how i used to put on Hoobastank's "The reason" on repeat when we lived in Skyview? BAD MUSIC. Just as bad as Linkin Park

KJ said...

I suggest checking out their CD Meteora (2003) This was out my Sr. year of high school and in English we had a project to provide art/poetry/music etc. that represented a theme. The one assigned to me was "Nature vs. Human" and the song "Somewhere I Belong" is the example I used to represent that topic. It really speaks of the emotional side our human nature that can influence our choices. There are also many other songs on that CD that every once in awhile I will "jam" out to ; )

Cody and Kylie said...

I used to like them when I was in middle school and high school. I have grown to dislike them thoroughly. I always skip their song on the Twilight soundtrack cause they just bug me in general now. So I sympathize.But I remember when I was upset about something they were my go to, but now I am more mellow and my go to is something like Coldplay or something like it.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call myself a huge fan, but tend to like a lot of their songs. I try not to, but they're catchy and I tend to like the lyrics once I give them a chance.