Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gilgal Gardens

My dad told me about this strange sculpture garden in SLC called Gilgal Gardens. It's a odd, hidden little spot full of all sorts of strange folk/LDS-themed sculptures.

I went up to spend the afternoon with my friend Smithy & since it was in a neighborhood right by her house we thought we'd check it out.

And by "in a neighborhood" I mean it feels like you're going to walk into someone backyard. But there is a gate marking the way in so you don't actually wander into someones yard.

And by strange sculptures I mean things like: a sacrificial altar, a stack of four giant granite books, a huge sphinx with the face of Joseph Smith, not to mention a life-size statue of the artist, Thomas Child, wearing brick pants. Weird.

All over the garden are flat stones on the ground with scriptures or quotes about scriptures (maybe 50+).

The creepiest sculpture would be a tie between the hearts and hands one (supposed to represent "turning the hearts of the fathers to the children" apparently going for a literal interpretation) or the strewn body parts guy.

I'm pretty sure the most surreal part was the fact that the whole park smells like bread. I found out later that the garden is backed up against the WonderBread factory. So, the fresh-made bread smell wasn't a ghost or some sort of sign of hollowed ground... which is kinda too bad.

A seriously quirky place that if you're ever in the area you gotta check out.

P.S. And if the place wasn't trippy enough here are some fish-eye lens shots for your enjoyment


Dawn said...

This is one of our favorite places to take non-LDS visitors when the come to town. The Joseph Smith sphinx is a special highlight for them, as you can imagine!

brooke said...

love it! very interesting and a lighthearted way to see things!

Kristal said...

Haha! I read about that place on a site I found while I was bored in China! i was totally going to check it out next time I was around, but we got too busy... looks cool!

April Carter said...

Sounds photos there? I think I want some sculptures in our yard.

Holly said...

I've actually been there, long ago with my aunt and uncle. It is a very trippy place.

Esther Noelle said...

Looks neat! Glad you and Smithy had fun!

Susan said...

That J.S. Sphinx is a hoot! ha ha.

Katie said...

Wow. Bizarro. I had never heard of it ever 'til this post. Looks like a very fun place to visit.

Buck Jeppson said...

Gilgal is one of my favorite crazy places. Great folk art, devotion, and eccentricity all rolled up into one fun place.