Wednesday, October 20, 2010

5 STAR BOOKS, but I don't know who to recommend them to

Recently, I've read two books that I loved. Usually when I find one I shout it from the roof tops, blog about it, sometimes I'll literally shove the book in peoples hands...

BUT these two most resent lovely, intricate, emotional books I'm at a loss on who to recommend them to (the "blurbs" on both these books didn't appeal to me at all either)


This book takes place in Australia (some of the vernacular was strange at first) & it took me about 100 pages to get into, but once I was there I could NOT put it down.

It follows 17 yr-old Taylor who was abandoned years ago by her mom & is taken in by a woman at a boarding school out in the bush. There are some light storylines: a "territory war" between the students, the military school cadets, & the town kids. But the mysteries surrounding Taylor's mom & her past life make the story. You'll have a million questions as you read the book, but each one is answered by the end.

The book is dense, and emotional. It's not a quick easy read, but if you keep with it, you're rewarded with humor, a great male main character Jonah Briggs, family ties, & friendship.


This book falls under the Dystopic genre that I've been a fan of lately. It follows a 13-ish year old boy Todd who lives in a town where all the women were killed by a mysterious disease that left all the men (and, stay with me here... all the animals) able to hear each others thoughts.

It's a strange concept & as I started it I thought, I'm going to hate this book. The narrorator uses lots of slang, mispells words, & there's a talking dog. But let me just tell you it is an emotional roller coaster. It's not a roller coaster for everyone though. It's violent, & even a little scary, but worth the journey.

That being said it's part of a trilogy (& the ending is a MAJOR cliff hanger) & I haven't read the next book. It was just SUCH a journey that I needed a break before I moved to the next one.

So, if either of these sound remotely interesting PLEASE go read them so I have someone to talk to about them! And if you've read either of them please, leave a comment & let me know what you thought.


Katie said...

Just requested them at the library. I will let you know what I think when I read them! Thanks for sharing.

Smithy said...

they just barely got jellicoe road at my library, i'll see if i can snag it.

Just SO said...

I LOVE The Knife of Never Letting Go! And the second book The Ask and the Answer...and I just put the third book, Monsters of Men on hold at the library!

Anonymous said...

I've added these to my ridiculous list of must reads.

Christie said...

Put both on my library list. I'm a huge fan of the dystopic genre in general.