Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas List 2010

We've had a crazy holiday season so far & I haven't had a lot of time to think up a list. But I've had some people ask & I love LOVE reading other peoples lists so here's mine:

1) 120 film for my Holga - color or B&W in 400 ISO
2) An ipod dock
3) Cute coin purse- homemade would be great or this one & this one
4) 4GB keychain Thumbdrive - I dig this one
Plain white v-neck T- (size L) my white shirts need replacing
6) Cardigans- Old Navy has some cute ones (here, here, & here size M) or Forever21 (here & here size L)
7) Minnetonka moccasins (size 10)- my friend Smithy has a pair & I'm in love with them
8) Yudu Screen Printer - I can think of 100 projects I could use this for (midnight release t-shirts anyone?)
9) American Apparel hoodie- (size M) they are pricey but some of the only girl hoodies that fit well (here & here)
10) Pretty flower earrings- At the beginning of the year Rob flushed all my earrings down the toilet so I need more. Like any here or here or here

Now, go & make your own so I can enjoy the neat stuff on your wish list!


Kristie said...

Try freezer paper, it works like a stencil, and is a cheap (poor man's) screen printing. It actually works pretty good. Check for some great tutorials on how to use it.
Other than that, I would love some things off your list! What great taste you have. :)

Liv said...

ummm, okay, shameless plug for earrings that might fit your style:

i have two varieties :)

Katie said...

Love those earrings you showed. Fun list!

Diana Smith said...

I love those cardigans, very stylish and comfy!

Anonymous said...

I wanted an iPod dock, but now I don't need one. My husband recently hooked up our home network so I can turn on the computer and have all of my songs play through the tv and sound system. Woohoo!

Smithy said...

I can't believe Rob flushed the earrings down the toilet! nooo! I know they're just "things" but I sure hate it when I lose them!

Rachel+Co said...

you should also make a list for me. i couldn't think of anything to put on mine this year until i saw yours. i must get some v-neck tees. hope you get most of what you're wishing for.

qui moi? said...

a. ahhhhh all your earrings down the toilet? nightmare. good earrings choice. cant go wrong with that set.
b. i have a pair of minnetonkas, GREAT shoes. they are a dream. mine have the leather all around so not so good if there is an ounce of rain out. but ever more comfy when i CAN wear them. i want another pair, but with the rubber sole...a grey pair.
c. I WANT THAT screen printing kit. i saved the link. a few months ago, when jachen mentioned being bored...i suggested he "study up on how to do screen printing" i need to remind him of this
d. i seem to NEVER have too many cardigans. i want a million. i wear one everyday...practically.

great list yourself.

Esther Noelle said...

This is a great list sista! :) Wish I could buy you everything on it!!

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

I love, love everything on your list!! And I adore those earrings!