Friday, December 10, 2010

Dress up Storage

My cousin Christie posted this on Facebook & it was just too cute not to share.

An adorable dress-up storage for your lil' girls princess dressups:

It makes me wish I paid more attention in shop class. But I don't think that was meant to be: True story I got my finger caught in a belt sander the one time I took a shop class.


Katie said...

I love it. I was just telling Chad that our playroom needed to be more homey - have little play stations instead of all the toys in their various storage components. This would be perfect with a full length mirror next to it.

Christie said...

Katie- And a barre?

Lyric said...

ooh! i feel the same about home economics...ended up in the emergency room once with a needle in my pointer finger...I don't hang around sewing machines much anymore!