Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Epic Harry Potter-ness

We all know our love of Harry Potter (evidence here & here) so when Scott's family said we were all dressing up & going to the new HP movie together (over Thanksgiving) I was SO DOWN!

And let me just say, that...
- going to a 3 o'clock in the afternoon showing
- a week 1/2 after the movie came out

- in a relatively small town

- completely decked out

...means we made for quite a splash. People asked to take pictures of us. Who could blame them, we were EPIC!

Just before we left for the movie we took a family picture for the Carter family Christmas card. Behold the uber-ness :

The first person who can name who everyone is dressed up as (I'll admit some are hard) gets a virtual high five & my mad respect!

P.S. My favorite was when we walked up the the ticket taker all dressed up & Russ said, "We're here to see Unstoppable".

Mad props to Matt & Kristal who set the pic up & did the photoshopping


Katie said...

Wow. That last picture made my day. Love it. I won't even try and name everyone. I am so bad with names from characters in books, and although I love Harry Potter, I have to re-read each book two months after I have read it the first time to remember what happened in it.

Carolyn said...

Lets see, I think you've got a couple of house elves (Dobby and Winky?),, Hagrid with a baby Harry, Mr & Mrs Lucius Malfoy, Belatarix Lastrange (s?), Snape, Harry's parents Lily & James, Dumbledore, Sybill Trelawney, and Professor McGonagall. Not sure who the baby held by Sybill Trelawney is....maybe someone she sees in the future! Yes I love the Harry Potter series....listening to the Order of Phoenix on books on tape in my car!

Great photo! What a fun family you belong to!

Anonymous said...

At first, I didn't even notice you two in the mirror. That is seriously a great shot. Love love love! Wasn't the movie great? I can't wait to see the last one and will definitely mourn when it's over.

Smithy said...

that's hilarious - what a great christmas card. the kids turned out really well as house elves!

Em and Russ said...

That was tons of fun!!!! Loved it!!!!


Susan said...

Okay, I scrolled down fast so not to see anyone elses comments... Here are my guesses...

Matt and Kristal- Malfoys
Marlena- Beatrix LeStrange
Jeff & Shaed (spelling?)-Hagrid and Baby Harry

Liv & Scott- Lily and James Potter
April- Professor McGonagal?
Bob- Dumbledor!
Marion, Berto and Syd- House Elves! (sooooo cute!)
Emily-Professor Trelawny :) (I would have said Luna, but the tea cup tipped me off)

YOU GUYS ARE SO RAD! I love that Carter Clan! :)

Susan said...

Also, The fact that Russ said "Unstoppable" makes him super cool. :)

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Thats hilarious.

qui moi? said...

so so great. i would have joined in. heavens, i wish i could name you all...im not good memory savvy nor remember all the characters' name in harry potter savvy.

you kinda remind me of ginny weasley in that picture.

M said...


Esther Noelle said...

Ahh this picture is so hilarious!!!!!!! You guys waving in the mirror is AWESOME... ahhh thanks for sharing! And yes, love Russ' quote to see unstoppable wahahaha!!

Meagan Brooks said...

Wow...that is the most fantastical family photo ever. I'm going to have to show it to my sister. She'd love it!

April Carter said...

Wow, you were all pretty good at knowing who we all were...especially Susan who knew the real names of the actual Carter family.

Malea said...

Bahahahaha! I love the Carters and their go big attitude. Bob totally looks like Moses, but only if you take him out of the group.

I agree with Susan's votes, but I wondered if baby Shade was the baby dragon...? Looks like he has horns or something.

Mad props to Kristal for the AMAZING job photoshopping! I love that Hagrid is big and you guys in the mirror look so cool. Sweet!

Thanks for sharing!

Em and Russ said...

It was so fun! Thanks for making Thanksgiving a blast!

Anelieze + Franco Castrejon said...

haha! this is amazing! i absolutely LOVE it!

Joan said...

AH ahhahahahhhhaaaa! Russ is awesome! I am laughing out loud! :)